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Do you have concerns about the current state of your organization? Are your teams as effective as they can be? We identify key areas where impactful, measurable and sustainable improvements can be made to drive growth and success.

Who we are

Brooklin Consulting is a management consulting firm built on a foundation of over 30 years experience in global consulting. We are experts at achieving tangible and measurable results for your company.

Our clients include many well-known names across a wide range of industries:

▪ Food Production
▪ Pharmaceuticals
▪ Manufacturing
▪ Distribution
▪ Mining
▪ Real Estate
▪ Forestry
▪ Professional Services

▪ Insurance
▪ Financial Services
▪ Aviation
▪ Hospitality
▪ Arts and Media
▪ Casino & Gaming
▪ Crown Corporations
▪ Government Agencies

Real Results

▪ Annual improvements achieved are often 3:1 ROI.
▪ 90% of our clients achieve scheduled results.
▪ 100% of our clients have agreed to be references.

Tangible solutions

We can guarantee you will see tangible and measurable results for your unique business challenges. How do we make this claim? At Brooklin Consulting we:

1. Identify your current state of business
2. Develop realistic and measurable goals and solutions
3. Implement on-site improvements with your people
4. Sustain these enhancements with a clear and stable long-term strategy

How we do it

Analysis – We identify ways to improve processes, products, services and costs, by thoroughly examining each area of your business. We develop realistic and measurable goals and solutions through an evidence-based business plan.

Our Project Implementation proposal offers a strategy for long-term sustainable improvements and project cash flow.

Implementation – Based on the business case from our analysis, we first determine a timeframe and project size/scope for maximum benefit to your firm. Then we create an implementation roadmap that highlights improvements in processes, management systems and behaviour. We work on-site with your team every step of the way to achieve measurable improvements.

Training – We deliver training programs that certify your team in proactive management. Working one-on-one with your workforce, we ensure the new process has been fully adopted. We aim to enable your people to take ownership of their work and, together, achieve the improvements identified in the analysis.

Make a positive impact

We have worldwide experience in all leading industries. Our people have helped small to enterprise-size companies overcome all types of business challenges, in any environment and location. If you want to effect change in the way you sell, process, manufacture or manage, Brooklin Consulting can help you realize your potential.

Let’s connect today for greater success tomorrow.

William Surphlis, President and Founder
T: +1 647 261 6486
E: [email protected]