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Digital Innovation: Data-Driven Decision Making

Create new revenue streams and cost saving opportunities

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Are you looking to integrate data into your day-to-day business decisions? To some, digital innovation is about the optimization of computerization: being able to monitor and control your equipment, process and people in real-time. To us, it is all part of our ‘Structured Approach’, which has been delivering results to our clients over the past two decades.

Our ‘Structured Approach’ focuses on empowering everyone from business leaders to front line supervisors to continuously improve and manage their areas more effectively by integrating data-driven thinking into their management behaviours while developing the tools to support it along the way.

How Brooklin Consulting can help

Brooklin Consulting has worldwide experience in all leading industries. Our people have helped small to enterprise-sized companies overcome all types of business challenges, integrating data-driven decision making into the management behaviour of the entire organization.

Management Operating System Assessment – Understand current state, identify gaps and help determine, select and install the appropriate tools, processes and controls.

Data Accuracy Analysis – Conduct detailed observations and audits to ensure the data being recorded is accurate.

Management Analytics: Quick Results – Begin transforming data currently available into impactful, easy-to-use decision aiding tools.

Management Analytics: Strategy & Implementation – Identify the key information gaps, develop and identify the tools, equipment and processes required to gather and use that information effectively.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Begin using the data already being recorded by sensors in your process: identify where they are, what information is available and how to integrate it into your management system to replace manual processes.

Single Point of Entry – Identify areas of duplicated manual data entry and develop solutions on how to minimize and share information across departments.

Change Management – A cornerstone of our ‘Structured Approach’: we will work closely with your team throughout the development, implementation and measurement phases to ensure a smooth adoption of new business process, tools and procedures.

Controls & Compliance – Develop process controls and audit procedures to ensure data is being captured, interpreted and used correctly and efficiently.

Analytics Training – Train your people on how to develop meaningful management reports and dashboards and how to properly integrate them into the current process.

Government Incentives – Our funding consultants are well versed in Government Incentive Programs available to businesses based on location, industry, size and structure.

Begin your journey

Whether you have a highly automated production process with pools of data or are running a highly manual process and are looking for the best next step – Brooklin Consulting is here to help you realize your potential.

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