About Our Travel Blog

A career as a management consultant is a fast paced and exciting one.  It is inevitable that you will meet hundreds or even thousands of people from many different walks of life, and if successful, change their lives for the better.  We pride ourselves on having achieved this for every client since we started over 17 years ago. This part of our life is very rewarding and is why we each work so hard to realize results for our clients.  

The other inevitable piece is that you will TRAVEL and collect TRAVEL points to TRAVEL even more off the clock!

Our team has a great time sharing our stories, pictures and videos with one another, so we thought it would be exciting to share some of them with everyone else.  This section will be a mix of blogs from our experiences in different client cities, as well as some of our own personal endeavours across the globe. We look forward to having a fun time with this and stirring up some good conversation through your comments and recommendations - and hey, maybe it will lead to some laughs over a coffee, or cocktail sometimešŸ˜Š

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