Opportunity Analysis       

Identify ways to improve business performance and achieve impactful results

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You can benefit almost immediately from our analysis, an assessment that will identify ways to improve profit levels, costs and processes, as well as help evaluate growth opportunities and measurable results that you can achieve. Ask one of our clients if you would like their perspective on the value of the analysis.

We will have done some desk research on your business and on your industry before we arrive. We will want to understand the history of your business, your organization, your industry and your data from your perspective.

We analyze your use of resources and identify improvements in resource utilization. Findings are reviewed along the way to build consensus. We analyze your management operating systems to highlight gaps from best practice. We analyze your data and present findings in a format designed to offer new insights. Project schedules and project cash flows are built and reviewed with project ROIs. Communication strategy is outlined.

Analysis Meeting Schedule

We will arrive on Monday morning with the team of specialists to begin our analysis.

Week Day Meeting Purpose
I Monday Opening Meeting Analysis kick-off with management team
I Wednesday Midweek Review Review initial findings


Friday Qualification Meeting Review findings to date and achieve consensus on improvement potential in profit, customer service, quality, yield, sales, capacity and cost. This meeting is a gate to moving forward to the second week of the analysis.
II Tuesday Pre-Present Meeting Review findings, present preliminary project approach, estimate dollar impact and project cost to determine ROI.
II Thursday Presentation Meeting Final Proposal reviewed with input from the pre-present meeting. In this meeting we hope to have all the questions answered so you can make a positive decision.

Prior to arriving, we will ask to:

▪  Communicate to your organization the reason you need to do the analysis and why now.
▪  Introduce the Brooklin team to your organization and explain how your team can contribute.

Also, we may request the following.

We can guarantee you will see tangible results for your unique business challenges. We will assess the current state of your business, identify key areas of improvement, develop solutions and a strategy for long-term sustainable improvements. A project will implement changes and help sustain these enhancements.

This is some of the information we may request prior to arriving:

▪  Management reports or KPIs currently being used by executive and management teams
▪  Process flows and procedures
▪  List of product/ service offerings
▪  Training conducted that specifically focused on front-line team leaders and employee skills
▪  Financial statements for the last 2-3 years, by month by department
▪  Organization charts for all levels and teams, phone listings and emails
▪  Any strategy documentation that would be relevant
▪  Throughput, uptime/downtime, product yields, variance reporting
▪  Facility layout
▪  Current and upcoming contracts
▪  Payment structure
▪  Associations/ Union documentation or contracts
▪  Company policy manuals if available
▪  Any other information you use on a regular basis