Technology Assessment

CME Technology Assessment program provides up to $25,000.

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Keeping up to date and assessing how new technologies can be applied to maximize return on investment and improve your bottom line is a challenge. Businesses that invest in digital technologies have a considerably better growth outlook than their non-adopting counterparts. CME Technology Assessment program helps SME manufacturers in southern Ontario by providing up to $25,000 in reimbursable funds to have a qualified service provider conduct a customized technology assessment.

As a qualified service provider, Brooklin Consulting will work on-site with companies to create a customized plan to improve productivity by capitalizing on existing assets and implementing the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. Improved business productivity will help businesses become more competitive, attract new business and capture more market share. The end result is higher output and increased profit. To visit our page on CME’s Industry Resource Guide click here.

Potential benefits of technology adoption

 ▪  Lower Operating Costs

 ▪  Increased Product Quality

 ▪  Increased Customer Satisfaction

 ▪  Higher Innovation Capacity

Does my business qualify?

Your company can be considered for the Technology Assessment program if it:

  ▪  Is a manufacturer based in Southern Ontario per the census map

  ▪  Has greater than 15 and fewer than 500 full-time (FTE) employees maximum in Southern Ontario

  ▪  Is an incorporated business (federally or provincially) for 2 years or more continuously

  ▪  Is demonstrability financial stable and

  ▪  Is not receiving funding from other government-funded programs for the same activities

Applicants will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the following criteria:

  ▪  Technology improvements that aim to improve and modernize the manufacturing process, leading to increased productivity and competitiveness

  ▪  New additions that contribute economic and environmental benefits to Ontario, including benefits expected from the project and interactions with other segments

  ▪  Commitment to develop export markets, or be part of the value supply chain, or potential to become a strong global player on a regional or global basis

  ▪  Creation of long-term employment and high-value jobs

As a guideline, applications will be reviewed within 45 business days.

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