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Sustainable Resource Productivity Management Consulting

Helping You Execute Your Strategy

Our Experience

 We have solved a multitude of client problems in a wide range of industries, helping to implement technical improvements, foster behavioural change and open up profit bottlenecks. Most of our clients using our "Structured Approach" have experienced a greater than 3-to-1 return on investment. 

Why Us?

 If you want to effect change in the way you sell, process or manage, but need help to execute on your strategy, Brooklin Consulting can help you. Management Consulting that measurably assists you implement productivity improvement.

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What Is Brooklin Consulting All About?

What is our process


Our objective is a win win delivered through an onsite analysis and kaizen, continuous improvement after



Onsite analysis

Continued monitoring of KPIs

Working partnership with internal talent and leadership 

Where are our clients


Sharing our client's stories

John O's Foods

Training for Impact


Certifications in Proactive Management  

Training programs are structured to meet your organization’s needs to drive productivity improvement through results focused courses superior to most consulting firms

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Frequent Questions


Why consider Brooklin?

Does Brooklin have experience in my industry?

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Our Values, Our People

Our People

We maintain local roots

We act with drive, integrity, curiosity

We are a team

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